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Dear Sir/Madam,
We are a translation agency by the name MULTI-LINGUIST, operating from
India. We are interested in incorporating the Unicode system for all Indian
languages,as we have certain clients who are interested in launching certain
translated texts on the web in Unicode format.
Our problem is that we donot know how to go about it. I wish to ask, is it
possible for us to incorporate the Unicode system for any of fonts (in our
case all Indian languages fonts), since for each of the languages there are
various font styles? For instance, Devnagari script has over 100 dfferent
fonts styles. Will it be possible to have the Unicode structure for all
these font styles or are there only particular font styles for a language
which are recognized by the Unicode structure. Am I able to make myself
clear?? I mean, just any font style for a particular language can be
recognized by the Unicode system, or only particular font styles will be
I wish to know what is the criteria is followed for providing the texts in
Unicode format for non-English scripts. My interest lies specially in Indian
languages. Is it possible to convert any font style into Unicode format??
Please guide us. Let us know if there is any software by which the
characters can be converted into Unicode format.
An early response would be highly appreciated.
Best regards.
Paresh Agarwal (Mr.)
(our e-mail: mlinguist@mantraonline.com <mailto:mlinguist@mantraonline.com>

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