RE: Unicode keyboard editor utility

From: Lori Brownell (
Date: Tue Jul 25 2000 - 20:17:36 EDT

Windows 2000 includes a visual, on-screen keyboard display as part of
the Accessibility options in the Accessories folder. It doesn't show
you the Unicode values, however. There is a version of the on-screen
keyboard that will show you Unicode values and character names that
ships for Office 2000. It is available on the Office 2000 web download
site. If you hover your mouse over the key it will give you the Unicode
hex value and Unicode name of the character on that key.

There isn't a Microsoft provided keyboard editor today, although it's
something that we are considering.

Thanks - Lori Brownell

Lori Brownell
Director International Windows
Microsoft Corp.

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From: Magda Danish (Unicode)
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Subject: Unicode keyboard editor utility

Anyone knows about such a utility?

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A side comment:
I'm surprised that NT and Windows 2000, and every other Unicode OS, is
missing a
Unicode keyboard editor utility (and a utility to display keyboard
Unicode values). There are only a couple of 3rd-party products and
not that
good, and this is actually a much easier program to write than word
processing (which
already exists).

Keep up the good work,
Manuel Lopez

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