Euro (was: What a difference a glyph makes...)

From: David Lemon (lemon@Adobe.COM)
Date: Wed Jul 26 2000 - 16:51:30 EDT

At 11:01 AM -0800 7/26/00, wrote:
>Have people started hand-writing the euro, yet? I wonder how this complies
>with EU regulation that prescribes a precise glyph design for the symbol.
>Will people need to go around with compass and rule to write cheques?

It seems improbable that the prescribed design (which includes blue
and yellow color specifications as well) is intended for general use.
Aside from a couple general-purpose symbol fonts, every font I know
of which includes the Euro* has modified it to match the rest of the
typeface. If the EU decides this is somehow invalid, they'll find
that people will keep using it in any but the most official contexts,
because switching fonts to get the official version is a pain.
- David Lemon

* Something around 1000 fonts at this point

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