RE: Subject lines in UTF-8 mssgs? [was: Proposal to make ...]

From: Robert A. Rosenberg (
Date: Fri Jul 28 2000 - 13:36:18 EDT

At 01:41 AM 07/13/2000 -0800, wrote:
>As far as I can understand, the choice of the outgoing charset is highly
>automatic in MS Outlook 2000. I suspects it depends on the combination of
>characters that I (or the system) used in the various fields of the e-mail.

The problem is that the heuristics are not correct for ISO-8859-1/CP-1252.
The selection SHOULD be:

   1) Only x00-x7F - US-ASCII
   2) x00-x7F + xA0-xFF - ISO-8859-1 [Western European(ISO)]
   3) x00-x7F + xA0-xFF + a character in the x80-x9F code point range -
CP-1252/Windows-1252 [Western European(Windows])

If you check the Encoding list, you will note that Western European(ISO)
and Western European(Windows) are both listed and the selection controls if
a message with xA0-xFF characters gets ID'ed as ISO-8859-1 or CP-1252. The
problem is that selection of Western European(ISO) does not correct the
message's CHARSET to CP-1252 if a x80-x9F is found in the message.

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