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Date: Mon Jul 31 2000 - 12:54:39 EDT

Zhen Ren wrote:
> How do I print the superscript minus sign?
> The unicode for this is \u207B.
> However, it is not printed correctly.
> Instead, it is an unrecognized character.

The code is correct, but you must use a font that contains the "glyph" for
that character, otherwise you will not see it.

I have these fonts with a glyph for U+207B:
- Arial Unicode MS
- Code 2000
- Lucida Sans Unicode
- MS Mincho

To find some of these fonts on the Web, see:

By the "\u" prefix that you used, I bet that you are working in Java.

In case you don't know how to install fonts in the Java environment, have a
look at the attached old message, where V.E. Ushakov explains how to do it.

_ Marco

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On Tue, Jun 20, 2000 at 01:01:44 -0800, Nicolas Toussaint wrote:

> I can't display chineses characters, I have tried a lot of things,
> but without result.
> for this I want to use the Arial Unicode, and I try to setup the

> filename.ArialUnicode=ARIALUNI.TTF
> I'm using the jdk 1.2.2 under Windows NT 4.00.1381

Example below is for Bitstream Cyberbit. Hope this gives the idea...

dialog.0=Bitstream Cyberbit,ANSI_CHARSET
dialog.2=Bitstream Cyberbit,BALTIC_CHARSET,NEED_CONVERTED
dialog.3=Bitstream Cyberbit,TURKISH_CHARSET,NEED_CONVERTED
dialog.4=Bitstream Cyberbit,GREEK_CHARSET,NEED_CONVERTE
dialog.5=Bitstream Cyberbit,RUSSIAN_CHARSET,NEED_CONVERTED
dialog.6=Bitstream Cyberbit,SYMBOL_CHARSET,NEED_CONVERTED
dialog.7=Bitstream Cyberbit,SYMBOL_CHARSET,NEED_CONVERTED
dialog.8=Bitstream Cyberbit,GB2312_CHARSET,NEED_CONVERTED


# I'm too lasy to write out all the exclusions
# exclusion.dialog.0=0100-20ab,20ad-ffff

SY, Uwe

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