Re: Cost per character?

From: Tex Texin (
Date: Mon Jul 31 2000 - 15:14:25 EDT

Are we going to contrast this with:

a) The cost of teaching everyone English

b) The cost of implementing hundreds of code pages, each with their own
set of undocumented algorithms and implementation requirements

c) How else would we justify having meetings all over the world in
exotic places?

d) other?


> On Mon, 31 Jul 2000, Christopher J. Fynn wrote:
> > Leaving aside implementation costs - has anyone ever come up with a good
> > estimate of the cost per character for the development of the Unicode / ISO
> > 10646 standards in terms of man hours of experts and their long-suffering
> > secretaries, the office space they use, cost of attending and hosting UTC, WG2
> > and other meetings, cost of producing and distributing documents for proposals
> > etc, communications charges - and a whole host of other things?
> >
> > (And maybe there should also be an estimate of all additional the time & work
> > many people have put in to these standards without getting paid for it.)
> >
> > - Chris

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