FTP Outage at Unicode

From: Sarasvati (root)
Date: Tue Aug 01 2000 - 17:40:54 EDT

Darling Unicode Subscribers, Friends, and Archives:

A few of you astute subscribers have recently
noticed that ftp.unicode.org has become unavailable.
This alarming development is the regrettable
result of a severe brain lesion on a fellow
server (whose name shall remain obscure).

Until the problem is cleared up, I have taken
the liberty of re-creating the ftp hierarchy
in the WWW space, accessible via http.

In other words, what was formerly known as:
can be now accessed via:

To get the the public character and mapping
data, for instance, you can navigate your
browwer to
and navigate downward from there. This is
intended to be a permanet set of links, however
we are also endeavoring to restore full FTP
service as soon as we possibly can, so that all
your precious links remain valid. Meanwhile,
your witty cards and letters are appreciated.

I am very very sorry for this inconvenience and
remain forever and ever to the end of time...

Your patiently plodding yak behind the scenes,

        -- Sarasvati
        Goddess in Residence

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