RE: What is ` (U+0060) for?

From: Ayers, Mike (
Date: Wed Aug 02 2000 - 11:51:01 EDT

        I think it was originally used to do runoff formatting in ASCII,

``Hi There'', said Bob.

        It's not used much for that anymore, especially since many current
fonts, including the one I'm using to compose this note, render U+0027 as a
vertical tick instead of the forward leaning quote it once was. Actually,
it seems that modern rendering prefers:

''Hi There'', said Bob.

        with vertical ticks to the back and front leaning ticks of classic
typesetting. Even the character chart
( renders U+0027 as vertical.

        In any case, U+0060 now has a firm place in many computer
applications, probably the best known being the Bourne shell evaluation

        I'm curious about the number spacing, though - did you invent that
yourself, or does it have a context? I've never seen nuumbers written like
that before.


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> What's ` for? To space what? I pretty much just use
> it for writing big numbers, like 42`9496`7296.
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