RE: What is ` (U+0060) for?

Date: Wed Aug 02 2000 - 12:54:24 EDT

Addison wrote:
> Actually, I erred. It's Switzerland that prefers this formula (see the
> ITS and DES locales on Windows or in Java--although Java uses
> three digits
> for grouping and it should be four).

The Swiss locale on Windows systems actually uses ' (U+0027) as a thousands
separator, not ` (U+0060).

My understanding is that this apostrophe is a computer approximation of a
raised dot, that is often seen on printed matter, so I guess that U+0060 is
as good an approximation.

Italian computer locales normally have . (U+002E) as a thousands separator.
But in printed matters you often see a raised dot (as in Switzerland) or a
simple space (like in France).

_ Marco

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