Re: Encodings for SQL Databases

From: Michael \(michka\) Kaplan (
Date: Mon Aug 07 2000 - 11:21:02 EDT

When working under Windows, you will probably be using ADO, OLE DB, or et
least ODBC > 3.7, all of which use UTF-16.

In the case of MS SQL Server Unicode fields, you will be already using
UTF-16 and since the database itself stores data as UTF-16, this is fine.

In the case of Oracle and Sybase, which store their data as UTF-8, the above
three data access methods will still be expecting UTF-16 and will do the
conversion to UTF-8 for you.

One special note: when dealing with MS SQL Server NTEXT, NCHAR, NVARCHAR
columns, be sure to include the "N" prefix around Unicode string literals.
Dr. International covered this in his first column. See the second question

Not sure about Unix, but this should get you started with Windows.


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> Most of the major databases now support Unicode at some level, but what is
> the best way to encode SQL statements for various database access apis?
> utf-8 expected/accepted? The context in which I am asking this question
> an application that exports various SQL rules for modeling purposes.
> might go to a file, or they might be passed to a database directly by the
> calling application. Relevant platforms include Windows and all the major
> Unixes.
> Thanks for any advice you can provide.
> -Kim Peck

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