Re: is there any way to change already defined character codes?

From: Jianping Yang (
Date: Tue Aug 08 2000 - 02:50:31 EDT

Not really for Unicode in which we have relocated some codepoints for Hangul
between Unicode 1.1 and 2.0 :)


"Christopher J. Fynn" wrote:

> Sandro
> I'm sure someone official will give you an official answer, but I know the only
> answer you are going to get to your question is NO - there is no way to change
> the encoding point of a character (or to change a character name) once it is in
> the Unicode or ISO 10646 standards. Allowing changes like this would break
> existing implementations of these standards - and of course these standards
> would be useless as standards if they were subject to that kind of change.
> Proposals to encode new characters in the Unicode and ISO 10646 standards have
> to go through a lengthy process of consideration and there is ample opportunity
> to submit comments on any proposal during that process. However once characters
> are finally assigned code points in the Unicode and ISO 10646 standards that's
> it.
> May I ask what is the reason these people from the government of Georgia want
> to change the codepoints of some Georgian characters? There is probably another
> good solution (or solutions) for whatever problem they think would be solved by
> changing encoding points.
> Regards
> - Chris
> "Sandro Karumidze" <> wrote:
> > There are people from the government of Georgia interested in possibility in
> > altering Unicode standard it terms of changing codes for some of Georgian
> > characters.
> > Does this type of things happen in Consortium and if yes under what
> circumstances.
> > If not can you specify in which rules is it defined that this types of
> changes are
> > not allowed..
> > Thanks in advance for your support,
> > Best regards,
> > Sandro Karumidze

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