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From: Gary P. Grosso (
Date: Thu Aug 10 2000 - 15:54:47 EDT

This site would be worth inclusion in the Useful Resources
section of the Unicode site, I think. Actually, there is a
link to as "Database of
Latin letters and languages" under Linguistics and Script
Specialty Sites, which turns out, it seems, to be a redirect
to the excellent page at So I guess
the description and URI could stand to be updated. This page
goes well beyond Latin scripts (e.g., Cyrillic, Greek, Thai,

However, information of 16-bit Asian charsets is not included.
Does anyone know of a resource equal to this one in usability
and completeness for the CJK scripts? Thanks.

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>Subject: RE: Which languages are supported in basic latin
>Halldor G. Gestsson:
> > Can I find a list where all languages supported in the basic latin
> > (0x0000-0x00FF)?
> > [...]
> > Wich languages uses the latin extensions A,B and C?
>Page <> contains the information to build your
>_ Marco

Gary Grosso
Arbortext, Inc.
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