RE: codepages on Windows

Date: Fri Aug 11 2000 - 10:13:45 EDT

On 08/11/2000 08:50:13 AM Murray Sargent wrote:

>The table is pretty easy...

The only concern with maintaining a table is knowing whether it's complete
and up to date. Unlike, say, LANGIDs, the MSDN library doesn't have a page
that lists these contstants. If you find those that are mentioned under the
documentation given for LOGFONT, you're still left having to work out how
they map to codepages. I would have thought this info should be provided in
an easy-to-find way in the documentation. (It's doesn't solve the wider
documentation problem, but thanks for providing a list. I trust it's
complete today; as for tomorrow, I now know a couple of APIs I can also

- Peter

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