Re: Taiwanese: unicode of o with dot right above

Date: Sat Aug 12 2000 - 08:30:10 EDT

On 08/12/2000 03:36:31 AM "Abdul Malik" wrote:

>> 2. U+004F/U+006F(O/o) + U+00B7(MIDDLE DOT)
>> with the GSUB to fix the outlooks in font design.
>[GSUB / GPOS to create the desired appearance]

GSUB alone could be used by mapping to a precomposed glyph. I'm not sure
what features would be needed to implement this, though, and getting the
feature support for this (either for GPOS or GSUB or both) by implementers
isn't highly likely, I don't think.

>I'm surprised you didn't suggest the two solutions that came to my mind:
>1. U+004F(O) / U+006F(o) + U+02D9 (˙) -> O˙ , o˙ (DOT ABOVE)
>2. U+0307(O) / U+006F(o) + U+0307 (̇) -> Ȯ , ȯ (COMBINING DOT ABOVE)
>Solution 1 gives the desired appearance due to the non combining effect of
>the dot but has the disadvantage of not being a combining character

I also thought of this. Question: what's the disadvantage of the dot not
being a combining character?

>Now using solution 2, an application, when given the fact that this is
>Taiwanese text, could using an appropriate font, produce the correct image
>(using GSUB etc.).
>So failing any proposal this seems to be an answer.

Yes, though it does depend upon font developers supporting a
language-specific behaviour. My guess is that it would be easier to
convince font developers to support a new above-right combining mark than a
language-specific treatment of U+0307 (I may be wrong, though).

- Peter

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