unicode support in word 98 ???

From: JC Helary (helary@eskimo.com)
Date: Wed Aug 16 2000 - 22:46:21 EDT

I am sorry i sent something quite off topic but i would really appreciate some
support :-(

i work with english word98 on japanese mac os 8.1 on a french text. everything
went allright when suddenly the endnotes turned out to be all in kanji instead
of french accents. i have tried many things including trying to paste the
original endnotes to the modified document, or to find/replace the kanji with
the proper combination of accented letter+other caracter but the find/replace
box allways shows the unicode of the accented letter and refuses to replace
anything that start with ^ (for ex a kanji would have to be replaced by e
accent aigu+c, the e would be shown not as a letter but as ^u233 -i think and
the program say it does not accept anything that start with a ^...)

there is no way i can 'force' the font, like in claris works for ex, and the
document is way too big to do something caracter per caracter...

any idea ?


jc helary

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