Re: FW: Date Controls

From: Antoine Leca (
Date: Fri Aug 18 2000 - 05:28:06 EDT

> From: Faheem Ahmed Khan []
> We are planning for a date control which would show up dates/time in any
> chracter. Now, how do we find out how many characters does a date in each
> language take up?

What do you mean by "a date (or time) in each language"?

For example, in Catalan but not in Valencian, the current date+time is
something like
"divendres, dia divuit d'agost dos mil, dotze minuts de dos quarts de
dotze de migdia". ;-)

In French, we could distinguish between the formal, lawyer form:
"L'an deux mille,
le dix-huit août,
à onze heures vingt-sept";
or a more used form like
"Vendredi dix-huit août deux mille à onze heures vingt-sept".


> I'm sure there must be some standard to this.

I am affraid there is a difference between standard and cultural behaviours.
You are asking the former but the matter is about the latter. I do not
expect Standard to dictate behaviours; they can try to record it, at best.

Now Keld gives you a good way to try: just use some Standard API, and
let the user deal with that him/herself.



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