Re: Lakota in Unicode

Date: Fri Aug 25 2000 - 21:50:20 EDT

On 08/25/2000 07:13:09 PM Curtis Clark wrote:

>A correspondent is interested in facilitating writing of the Lakota
>(western Sioux Native American) language. It seems that all the characters
>are already part of Unicode (we are currently verifying that). Are any of
>you familiar with any localized software or input methods, so that no
>wheels need be reinvented? A quick Google search turned up nothing useful.

A new version of Keyman ( will probably be appearing
within a couple of weeks. It will allow you to create custom input methods
that generate Unicode text. (It can also be used to create input methods
that generate 8-bit "ANSI" characters.) It can generate Unicode text on
WinNT/2K for any Unicode app, on Win9x/Me for any multilingual app that
supports codepage switching (provided all of the characters needed are
defined in a single codepage), or on any app using the default system
codepage (if that provides the characters needed), and in the future it
will be able to work on Win9x/Me to input *any* Unicode character
(regardless of codepage support) for apps that support an appropriate
interface (e.g. SIL hopes to have an app that will support this before the
end of this year).

Anyone who's planning to attend IUC17 can look for the author - Marc Durdin
- who I'm sure will be glad to do a demo.

As for the necessary fonts, there are a variety of potential sources, and
depending on the actual orthography it's possible that something like Times
New Roman may already suffice.

- Peter

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