Re: Plane 14 redux (was: Same language, two locales)

Date: Tue Sep 05 2000 - 10:38:33 EDT

>Ar 11:51 -0800 2000-09-02, scríobh John Cowan:
>>Its only real competitor is the SIL set, and an effort is underway to
>>incorporate it en masse (or nearly so) into the RFC 1766 registry.
>I assure you that this will not happen. We have procedures and they must
>followed, and dumping thousands of languages into the IANA registry
>looking at the actual requirements would be a grave mistake.

Well, Michael, *something* has to happen. There are a significant number of
users for whom the status quo isn't adequate. I don't want to start dumping
thousands of requests, and I hope it doesn't come to that. You mention the
"actual requirements". There's not actually very much to the actual
requirements, and I think we can easily meet them, and do far more besides.

I'll soon be able to provide you to a pointer to the paper I'm presenting
on Thursday that discusses the issues, and presents what I think is a good
alternative. I assure you that the issues have been considered quite well.

- Peter

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