Re: the Ethnologue

Date: Thu Sep 14 2000 - 05:59:55 EDT

What really makes me wonder, is that the ethnologue seems to ignore the
vast amount of published information on the german language and its dialects.
There is more than a century of dialetological research on german, and there
are easy accessible publications showing the major and minor subdivisions
of the german language.

The ethnologue gives a very strange picture there, compared to the mainstream
german literature. Maybe, because german dialectologists prefer to publish
in german?

--J"org Knappen

P.S. For fans of the german language, I recommend:

Werner König, DTV-Atlas zur deutschen Sprache, DTV München, 10th printing 1994,
ISBN 3-423-03025-9

Make sure to get the 10th printing or a latter version, it contains more
fascinating material.

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