RE: Printing issues

Date: Fri Sep 15 2000 - 04:56:21 EDT

Dieter Hoffmann wrote:
> Are there known issues between the way AMD K6/2 handles
> Unicode when sent to printer by Office97?
> In the Windows98 SE environment whence originates this
> question, Wordpad98 document containing
> Greek and other special characters prints correctly, but when
> handled by Office97, all that prints are
> empty graphic frames.
> However, when the CPU platform is Intel, such as a Slot 1
> Celeron 333 I was testing the issue on,
> these characters print OK.

One possible explanation is that you are printing with printer font (font
cartridge) rather that the system's fonts (soft fonts).

When the printing software driver detects that the printer has its own
version of some of the fonts in the documents (typically common ones like
Times, Arial, or Courier), it does not waste time to upload its own version
-- which is probably almost identical.

This is good when the fonts are really identical. But if your software
matches fonts on the sole basis of typographical styles, without checking
whether they support the same character repertoire, then you are in trouble.

You should look around, in the world processor's and printer driver's
options, seeking for flags to disable the printer fonts. It could be
"Enable/disable printer fonts", "Send text as graphics", or something else

You may also try and physically uninstall any font cartridge from your
printer, to see if this forces the system to use software fonts.

_ Marco

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