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Date: Wed Sep 20 2000 - 21:47:37 EDT

>From: Nick Nicholas []
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>Apart from cohabiting in Anatolia for a millenium. :-) In any case, the
>Ethnologue is correct about Urum; Urum and Mariupolitan Greek are the two
>languages spoken by an ethnically Greek population, which moved to the area
>around Mariupol in the Ukraine from Crimea in the 18th century. During
>their stay in Crimea, a large part of the population was linguistically
>assimilated to Turkic; but the two language groups consider themselves the
>same ethnic group (Urum < Rumei "Romans", the mediaeval Greek autonym), and
>recently published anthologies of Mariupolitan Greek (in Cyrillic) include
>Urum texts.

>(Oh, and there's no glyphs in '80s Urum or Mariupolitan that would be out
>of place in Ukrainian, in case anyone was interested...)

Thank you. That certainly clarifies that issue. Going one step further
even though the script uses the Cyrillic alphabet how should one treat Latin
characters notably the use of the dot less and dotted i?


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