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From: Christopher J. Fynn (
Date: Thu Sep 28 2000 - 19:43:06 EDT

 "Karambir Rohilla" <> wrote:

> hi

> wath is maping of unicode font in indian language?

> regard

In Windows, the recommended way to map from Unicode characters to the glyphs
in an Indic script font is to use OpenType tables in the fontfile. So, if you
want to create "Unicode" fonts for Indic scripts to run under Microsoft
Windows then you might start by reading: :

"Creating and supporting OpenType fonts for Indic scripts" at:


"Converting a Devanagari font to Unicode / OTL" at:

You should also read the OpenType specification:

After reading these documents you will probably have a lot of questions, so
you will probably also want to join the OpenType discussion forum (see: ) where you may be able
to get these questions answered.


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