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The reason to use Unicode is more fundamental than fonts. I assume that
your your church members and other interested in your sites will have
different systems. Those with Cyrillic fonts will prefer Cyrillic text.
Using Unicode you can encode your entire websites in one encoding mixing
both Latin and Cyrillic text. What you need is an editor that can save the
Cyrillic text as Unicode in UTF-8 form. This is the same form that you will
send to to the browser. This way both Latin and Cyrillic text will be the
same to the Web server. Make sure that the HTTP header and the charset meta
tag both specify utf-8. The browser will handle both Latin and Cyrillic the
same as well. All it will need to display Cyrillic is a Cyrillic font.
Windows and Mac users can install IE 5.0 and select the pan-European
support. The Windows & Mac fonts can be downloaded from:

TrueType is a Unicode encoded font that can be used in non-Unicode
applications as well.

Good luck


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  I’m the Webmaster of the Macedonian Orthodox Church website located at When I started this project I was not very familiar with
Unicode and used “home-made” fonts for Cyrillic characters, but learning
about Unicode, I see it is the best way to go, as it is the International
standard. Keeping this in mind, and other difficulties I’ve had, I wish to

    a.. Is there a way to convert my work to Unicode w/o risk.
      a.. I was wondering writing a program to search my document for a
character, once found, replace it with the Unicode character number.
    b.. Is there a script available for me to add to my web page so if the
user doesn’t have Multi-Lingual Cyrillic support, to automatically install
    c.. And, where could I obtain true-type fonts for Unicode. Also, is
there a script as in my previous question for true-type fonts?


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