RE: Major site in unicode?

From: George Zeigler (
Date: Sat Sep 30 2000 - 18:05:15 EDT

Hello Chris,

> >Unicode seems useful only for those working with ancient or
> >non-major languages or for those working with multiple languages in the
> same
> >spreadsheet/document.
> ... or are operating web sites hosting content in multiple languages.
> FFor a site which is interested only in catering to Russian speaking users or
> the set of languages whose characters can be represented in windows-1252 or
> koi-r, indeed it is fine to run in windows-1252 or koi-r exclusively. Just
> don't expect to extend your site at any point to users who speak languages
> not representable in windows-1252/koi8-r.

     Actually, that is just our plan. We have the data in MySQL If a user
switches languages, then data is pulled from other fields. They then
switch character sets. What's the problem? Now we can't show Chinese,
Cyrillic, and Arabic on the same page, but we don't need to either. In email
actually, Unicode would cause problems. W

    By the way, we are planing to have language indications before domain names.

         We are designing an email system. It would be nice to
design an email system in Unicode, but then the problem becomes - the page is
in Unicode, but the Chinese or Russian wishes to type their email in their
native character set. We can't have one or the other. Either the page has to
be all in Unicode or all in their native character set. Native meaning the
predominant character set for that language group.


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