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Date: Mon Oct 02 2000 - 19:31:08 EDT

Hello Rami,

I am not sure I understand your question. If the phone uses the Unicode
standard, then you do not need the hex codes for Unicode characters; you
simply need the pages in question (HTML, XML, or otherwise) to be in a
Unicode encoding such as UTF-8.

Having a file in such an encoding is just a matter of the editor you use and
how you save the file. For example, Notepad on Windows 2000 will save files
with this encoding.

Using this, you do not need to map anything at all. In fact, if you are on a
Windows 2000 system with a default system locale of Arabic and you have the
files in windows-1256 encoding, you can open them with notepad and save them
as UTF-8 directly.

Could you give some more information on what you have (and in what format)
so the best way to get it to a Unicode format can be determined?


Michael Kaplan
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> Dear Reader
> I am a WAP developer who was put infront of the problem of having to
> Arabic characters on WAP phones. these phones supposedly use the Unicode
> Standard, but unfortunately it is difficult to write all the content i
> displayed in the HEX equivilent.
> Is there some kind of program that uses the mapping table from windows
> codepage 1256 to Unicode automatically?
> this would simplify my life so much
> Please reply soon
> Rami Radi
> <>

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