Re: [very OT] "Slavic"

From: Erland Sommarskog (
Date: Sun Oct 01 2000 - 13:08:52 EDT

"Patrick Andries" <> writes:
> P.-S.: Välsk in Swedish is also linked to Welsch (according to Kluge's
> Etymologisches Wörterbuch), but what does it mean ?

I had to look up the word, not being sure if it even exists. The
dictionary I consulted says: "south-landish and strange". ("South-
landish" in a Swedish context could also be read as "Mediterreanan",
but with a slight pejorative connoation.)

However, even if "välsk" is rare in daily discourse, "rotvälska" is
common, and means the same as "Rotwelsch" or "double-dutch".

Erland Sommarskog, Stockholm,

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