Correct definition for an "isLatin1()" function

From: Rogers, Paul (
Date: Thu Oct 05 2000 - 12:47:59 EDT

Hi, all,

We're whipping up a little function named isLatin1() that returns true if
the (UCS-2) string in question is "all Latin1".

I'm curious as to how Unicode experts would define the correct range of code
values that would indicate the string is Latin1.

Perhaps it's obvious and super trivial, but I'm just looking for validation
that our isLatin1() function would return true if each code value is in any
of the following ranges:

* ASCII + Basic Latin, U+0020 - U+007E (Or should we include U+007F,
* Latin-1 Supplement, U+00A0 - U+00FF

In other words, should we exclude the C0, C1, and Latin Extended code

Thanks for any/all thoughts on this.

--- Paul Rogers

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