Re: Is this in Unicode?

From: Michael Everson (
Date: Thu Oct 12 2000 - 06:57:43 EDT

Ar 19:49 -0800 2000-10-11, scríobh John Hudson:
>I'm trying to rationalise a strange set of legacy fonts, and have
>encountered an odd symbol that I do not recognise. I've browsed through the
>likely Unicode blocks, looking for something similar, but have not found
>anything. So, here's a chance for the boffins and mavins to show off by
>identifying this glyph and telling me if it is a Unicode character (and
>which one, please).

I've always been curious about these two words.

boffin /'bAfin/ n. esp. Brit. colloq. a person engaged in scientific (esp.
military) research. [20th c.: origin unknown]
maven [sic] /'meiv(@)n] n. N. Amer. colloq. an expert or connoisseur. [Yiddish[

>I have put a small graphic online at
>Note that the dashed lines in the graphic are not part of the glyph, they
>indicate baseline and sidebearings.

Well, John, it might be helpful if I could see the other characters in the
font, as this might put the character in context. Having said that, I don't
recognize this particular one, but it reminds me of a symbol which can be
used to indicate hexadecimal numbers. That symbol is usually a square with
four rays protruding from the corners, or sometimes a circle with four rays
protruding in the same positions (as an O and X superimposed and hollow).

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