RE: [OT] problem with shift_jis

Date: Thu Oct 12 2000 - 08:15:56 EDT

Raghu Kolluru wrote:
> My email delivery programs works with most of the charsets
> but not with
> shift_jis.
> Here are the steps that I do,
> 1) I get a text file from Japan which as the content in the
> encoded charset.
> 2) I paste this content in web based UI and store it in SQL server
> 3) Then I send it out with appropriate content header.

Could you attach one of the shift-JIS files that you received (step 1), and
the same text as you send it out (step 3).

> This works fine with big5,euc-jp, etc but not with shift_jis.

Are you sure that it really works fine?

Notice that random sequences of bytes (over 0x7F) often *look* like genuine
Asian text to someone who cannot read it. Can you (or someone else in your
team) read Chinese/Japanese to see that the text actually makes sense? If
not, you may wish to also send some sample of these.

_ Marco

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