RE: A binary that runs on Win9X and WinNT

From: Ted Peck (
Date: Fri Oct 13 2000 - 12:50:40 EDT

Pardon the delay in my response but I'm new to this list - I just joined
because one of our customers drew my attention to your discussion of Cheops.
I'd like to point out that Michka's message below about how our Cheops
product works is not entirely accurate.

Here's my clarification:

Cheops enables a single Unicode executable to run on Win9x and NT/2K. Cheops
has no per-API call runtime overhead on NT/2K, because it works by
redirecting at initialization time every reference to a Wide API function.
When running on NT these references are connected directly to the
system-supplied entry points. Only on 9x does Cheops connect those
references to Cheops-supplied transcoder functions.

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I would sooner rip my lungs out then speak ill of a much needed technology,
but one drawback to Cheops is that *all* Unicode Win32 API calls go through
Cheops, even when you are running on NT4 or Windows 2000. At least that was
true in the version they were promoting at the last Unicode conference.

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