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Date: Tue Oct 24 2000 - 12:04:13 EDT

Our company had the same needs as you, so we developed a tool that sounds
like what you are looking to develop. We used JDK1.2.2, because, like the
other responder said, Java has a built-in ability to convert between
numerous code pages. In practice though, we don't need to convert code pages
very often. What we needed the most was the ability to convert between
different font mappings of non-Latin scripts on CP1252 or between MacRoman
and CP1252, so we built the tool to do that as well. So now, for example, we
can convert from one of our Cyrillic fonts on CP1252 to a Cyrillic font on
Mac's MacRoman codepage and back. Or we can convert from a Cyrillic font
mapping on CP1252 to Unicode and back.

Let me know if you would have need for the tool. I don't remember exactly
where, but the Java source code for converting codepages is freely available
somewhere on the Web. The actual code is only about five lines.

Dara Becker
Sajan Consulting, Inc.
715.426.9505 x202

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I am an independent software consultant working on the design suite of tools
to be used as an infrastructure for a high revenue commercial translation

The whole system is being targeted towards Windows NT/98/2000.

As the tools are going to be processing so many languages, it has been
decided that UNICODE is to be used as the underlying means of character

As part of the process it is necessary that utilities shall be available to
convert from a number of existing code page formats into Unicode (and back

This is where I seek your help.

Are you aware of any vendors who may have already done this kind of work and
hence have either COTS products or expertise in code page conversion and may
be able to help me.

I look forward to hearing from you

Best Regards

Laurence Fass
(Dimension Five Ltd).

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