RE: Convincing executives of character code perils

Date: Tue Oct 24 2000 - 14:59:24 EDT

Well, my executives are mostly Italians or Dutchmen, so they are quite used
to the perils of their own languages.

Ouch! I have just bitten my tongue in the attempt of pronouncing a very
dangerous Italian phoneme! I need medical assistance, fast!

_ Ma?co

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> Subject: Convincing executives of character code perils
> Articulating and expressing concerns to company
> executives about the perils associated with managing
> multiple character sets is DAUNTING task. The company
> would like to move ahead regardless, which tells me we
> haven't done a good job of educating them.
> I'm trying to temper my cry of "WOLF", while trying to
> educate executives on the RISKS of introducing a
> foreign lanugage other than ENGLISH - French, German,
> Spanish.
> We're a multiplatform company (IBM mainframe, NT's,
> Unix, etc.) with a significant amount of programmed
> integration across platforms, managed centrally. Data
> exchange and integration is present across all
> platforms in many instances and is done both
> interactively and in batch or background.
> Localization aside, how have you communicated issues
> and risks associated with introduction of a Western
> European language?
> How have you sold your EXECUTIVES on the perils of
> this READY-FIRE-AIM mentality?
> Signed appropriately so,
> Me
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