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Most of this happens to be in the Windows NLS database. See GetLocaleInfo in
MSDN for details:

Or more specifically, LCTypes like LOCALE_SGROUPING for this function,
listed at


a new book on internationalization in VB at

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> I discovered this weekend that Chinese, despite grouping large
> numbers by ten thousands (I think I'm explaining this poorly - what I mean
> is that the chinese language has numbers representing nx10^4, as opposed
> the nx10^3 used in english), write their digits with comma separators
> 3 digits, apparently having learned this from the same place they got the
> digits themselves.
> I am aware that there are European languages (swiss and italian?)
> that group four digits, and am reasonably sure that japanese does.
> Before I go on a wild web search, does anyone know if there already
> exists a collection of information on the numbering systems of various
> languages, including the natural language ordering of the numbers, the
> grouping size, and the digit group separator character? Since this is for
> informational purposes, I don't need code, just examples.
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