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Certainly. I hadn't realized that you were not on the original list. What I
received was the following. (I don't have the chapter and verse to go with

normative elements
those elements setting out the provisions to which it is necessary to
conform in order to be able to claim compliance with the standard
3.5 informative elements
preliminary elements
those elements that identify the standard, introduce its content and
its background, its development and its relationship with other standards
supplementary elements
those elements that provide additional information intended to assist the
understanding or use of the standard
required element
element the presence of which in a standard is obligatory
optional element
element the presence of which in a standard is dependent on the provisions
of the particular standard
expression in the content of a normative document, that takes the form of a
statement, an instruction, a recommendation or a requirement
NOTE These types of provision are distinguished by the form of wording
they employ; e.g. instructions are expressed in the imperative mood,
recommendations by the use of the auxiliary "should" and requirements by
use of the auxiliary "shall".
[ISO/IEC Guide 2:1996, definition 7.1]


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Ar 01:57 -0800 2000-11-06, scríobh Mark Davis:
>I was looking for a different message from Michael, and ran across this
>This issue was not followed up on this list, so I thought I would report
>status so that people are not confused. As we found out later, Michael and
>Ken's first take on this issue did not actually match the ISO directives:
>the ISO definition of "normative" does not deal with process and level of
>control, it is specifically conformance.

Where was this discussed? Arnold sent out a copy of the Directives, but I
didn't see any discussion of it. Cite the clause(s), please.

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