Devanagari Consonant RA Rule R2

From: Eric Mader/Cupertino/IBM (
Date: Wed Nov 08 2000 - 13:42:30 EST


In the Devanagari section of the standard, rule R2, on page 217 of the
version 3.0 standard, states, "If the dead consoant RA[d] preecesd either a
consonant *or an independent vowel,* then it is replaced by the superscript
nonspacing mark RA[sup]..."

I've never seen a RA[sup] applied to an indpenedent vowel, and non of the
software I can find that renders Devanagari does this; they all render a
dead RA followed by the vowel. Is the rule in error, or is it written to
cover some obscure case that most software doesn't bother with?

Eric Mader

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