Re: [novice question] Characters to languages mapping list?

From: James Kass (
Date: Sat Nov 11 2000 - 19:03:13 EST

TITUS has an impressive alphabet list in Unicode... part of their Unicode test pages. This does
not include tags or collating info, but is an
invaluable resource for the alphabetic requirements
of many uncommon languages.

Best regards,

James Kass

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Sent: Friday, November 10, 2000 6:49 AM
Subject: [novice question] Characters to languages mapping list?

> I'm looking for electronically available resources which show character
> repertoires used in various languages. I need it for orientational purposes
> only, so the list doesn't have to be 100% correct. I could very well live
> with languages using "simple scripts", i.e. for example European languages,
> for a start.
> Technically, a list of language tags (whatever system) plus a
> Unicode-to-language tag mapping list would do perfectly. Collating info
> would be a welcome addendum...
> Adam Twardoch

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