Javascript code charts, unicode converter, show-characters

From: Mark Davis (
Date: Wed Nov 15 2000 - 04:18:46 EST

I just made some fixes in my Javascript Unicode pages (insomnia again) that may be of interest. has UTF, RACE and LACE conversions, with a bit better error checking. has Unicode charts, plus a new "filter" on the left. lets you type or paste in Unicode text, and see GIFs (in case fonts are missing).

Feedback is welcome, though I make no apologies for the simple GUI.


(Paul noted that someone had registered "BQ--3AADEABQAAYAAMQAMYAGSADGABQ4NVFU3THPLTTUW" with VGRS. My program says it's an error -- it appears to have an extra W at the end. The source text appears to be hangul: 퀀퀲퀀퀰퀀퀰퀀퀲퀀큦퀀큩퀀큦퀀큡킶탔킴탔탎탵탎클)

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