Re: FW: Using Unicode with e-mail

From: Ričardas Čepas (
Date: Mon Nov 20 2000 - 14:22:02 EST

> Am I right to be pessimistic, or is there some great secret that will allow
> me to use Unicode in e-mail and have my characters look the same when they
> arrive as when I sent them?

        There is no problem using Unicode (UTF-8) in e-mail as long as program
used to read message at receiving end can read UTF-8. OutlookExpress can do this,
Oulook 97 and newer also, other newer mailreaders can do this as well.
Probably you have to play with Outlook options a bit, it may have wrong settings.
Try to use plain text instead of HTML / rich text; send a test letter to yourself.

      ☻ Ričardas Čepas ☺

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