List style type names

From: Lars Marius Garshol (
Date: Fri Nov 24 2000 - 07:11:23 EST

In the CSS 2 specification one can specify the numbering style to be
used for numbered lists, and the specification lists some
international style types, but also leaves out a substantial number.
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It now transpires that Mozilla has implemented a much longer list, as
shown below[1]. It seems to me that there would be definite value in
putting together a more complete list than the one currently in CSS2,
but that this list should be quality-checked in some sense.

If anyone on this list feels able to do so it would be nice to have
comments on the following questions regarding the list below:

 - are any of the names ambiguous in that they could refer to more
   than one possible numbering system?

 - are any of these numbering systems so rarely used that it would be
   better to omit them?

 - are there any other numbering systems that are as commonly used as
   those in this list that ought to be added?

Thank you for any help you may be able to provide on this.

--Lars M.

[1] (it may be that some of the values below belong to other CSS
properties that list-style-type)

(arabic-indic, arabic_indic)
(armenian, armenian)
(bengali, bengali)
(cjk-earthly-branch, cjk_earthly_branch)
(cjk-heavenly-stem, cjk_heavenly_stem)
(cjk-ideographic, cjk_ideographic)
(devanagari, devanagari)
(georgian, georgian)
(gujarati, gujarati)
(gurmukhi, gurmukhi)
(hebrew, hebrew)
(hiragana, hiragana)
(hiragana-iroha, hiragana_iroha)
(japanese-formal, japanese_formal)
(japanese-informal, japanese_informal)
(kannada, kannada)
(katakana, katakana)
(katakana-iroha, katakana_iroha)
(khmer, khmer)
(lao, lao)
(lower-alpha, lower_alpha)
(lower-greek, lower_greek)
(lower-latin, lower_latin)
(lower-roman, lower_roman)
(malayalam, malayalam)
(myanmar, myanmar)
(oriya, oriya)
(persian, persian)
(simp-chinese-formal, simp_chinese_formal)
(simp-chinese-informal, simp_chinese_informal)
(tamil, tamil)
(telugu, telugu)
(thai, thai)
(trad-chinese-formal, trad_chinese_formal)
(trad-chinese-informal, trad_chinese_informal)
(urdu, urdu)

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