Re: eot and pfr files

From: Andrew Cunningham (
Date: Sat Dec 02 2000 - 02:12:29 EST

> As far as I know, in order to embed Indic Unicode :
> 1) An OpenType font with the necessary glyphs would have to be
> installed on your system and the font would have to have
> embedding enabled.

This is the big hurdle ... the lack of availability of indic open type fonts

> 2) You would need an operating system which supports OpenType,
> such as Windows 2000.

Windows 2000 has an appropriate version of uniscribe, the other way of
getting uniscribe that owrks on win98 and i suppose on NT4 .. is to install
IE 5.5 and then install teh Arabic and Thai packs ... this will install teh
same version of uniscribe onto your computer that ships with Win2000

from memory, I think that the Win2000 SP1 updates uniscribe to a more recent

> 3) The WEFT embedding tool would have to support OpenType, and
> I do not know if the current version supports OpenType yet.

I think the current version does ...


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