Re: OT (Kind of): Determining whether Locales are left-to-right or

From: David Tooke (
Date: Thu Dec 07 2000 - 11:36:51 EST

> Actually, I think that the directionality of the page *CONSIDERED AS A
> WHOLE* is directly related to the locale of the user.
Thank you Addison. You are actually saying what I thought...the
directionality of the page should be governed by the user's preference
(based on the locale from the browser) not the actual data.

Now back to my *original* question. :-)

Is there a general mechanism for determining the directionality of a locale?

It looks like I will have to maintain a table of locales or use heuristics
like '..if the language code of the locale is set to "ar"...'

David Tooke

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