Aramaic by any other name.........

From: Elaine Keown (
Date: Thu Dec 07 2000 - 19:30:05 EST


Aramaic is spoken in many countries today: Israel, Armenia, Georgia, Turkey, Iran, Iraq, U.S., probably Azerbaijan, maybe further into Central Asia in some pockets...........but it's never called Aramaic, as far as I know----it's called Surit, Kurdit, Turoyo, Assyrian, Mandaean, Ma'alula, etc. Scholars frequently call all these "Neo-Aramaic."

Aramaic has been written in its original square script (today called "Hebrew square script"), in Syriac, in Arabic, and even in Cyrillic in the former Soviet Union.

Thanks for the help with the Arabic-script languages---when I get a "complete" list--about 100-- I'll post ------Elaine

PS: Right to left languages written in "Hebrew-Aramaic square script" include Kurdi, Dzhidi, Yevanic, Italki, Bukhari, Persian, Tamazight, Shuadit, Comtadin, pre-1920s Ladino, Middle Arabic, Yiddish, and others..........

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