Re: Convert TTF to BDF with ttf2bdf

From: Mark Leisher (
Date: Mon Dec 11 2000 - 16:31:19 EST

    Darya> Hi all, I like to use an Iranian Unicode-based-true-type-font also
    Darya> under Linux. When I try to convert the font 'koodamaz.ttf' with
    Darya> ttf2bdf I get the following error:

This isn't relevant to the Unicode list. Try using one of the Freetype lists
( or one of the XFree86 lists

    Darya> akbari@sokrates:~/fonts/ttf2bdf > ttf2bdf ../koodamaz.ttf
    Darya> ttf2bdf[771]: unable to create instance.

    Darya> Does anyone know what that means?

This usually means the font got corrupted somehow and Freetype can't read it.
If you transfered this using FTP, you might want to try again by transfering
in binary mode.
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