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From: Nitin_Goel@i2.com
Date: Wed Dec 13 2000 - 00:37:47 EST

Hi there,

I guess this should be a FAQ (but is'nt). I need code to convert unicode
data between
various encoding schemes (UTF16LE to UTF32BE etc...). Are there standard
I can use ? If so, where can I find them ?

As an aside. I have run into trouble porting a database application which
stores UTF16LE
data onto HPUX and SUN machines. I can see that wchar_t there is defined as
unsigned long.
So most probably all wcs*() functions would expect UTF32 encoded data. Am I
correct in my
assumption ? What do I do to be certain ? What online information can I
look through for
more information on such a problem ?

Please help me in this regard. I am unable to find sufficient information
for the same.

Thanks in advance,

Nitin Goel

David Starner <dvdeug@x8b4e516e.dhcp.okstate.edu> on 12/13/2000 09:58:07 AM

To: "Unicode List" <unicode@unicode.org>
Subject: UTF8_1 & UTF8_2 (Odd and F) (and encoding translators)

I'm writing up what will probably end up as a mini-HOWTO on encoding
translators under Linux (recode, iconv, etc.) (which I'd be happy to
email anyone if they're interested in looking at it or making comments
on it). But, on topic . . .

In the README of a program called re (Russian Anywhere) I came across
this fragment:

       Here is the know codepages list and their abbreviatures:

           W - Windows 1251 "_" - _xxe
           D - Dos "%" - %hex
           K - KOI-8 "\\" - \'hex
           L - Latin G - Graph_win
           I - Iso "<" - <binhex>
           H - HEX + - +UTF7-
           S - ShiftKbrd C - C_MIC
           M - Mac Y - Y_c16
           A - AFF Z - Z_c32
           O - Odd(UTF8_1) F - F(UTF8_2)
           B - Base64 P - Pict
           E - Express N - N_Estl
           T - T-Html V - V_Vpp855
           U - User X - X_sp
           "-" - uue J - J_diff

Now, this is the only documentation this package has, besides the
source. I was wondering if anyone had ever heard of Odd and F UTF8

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