Unicode database (C library)

From: Tom Lord (lord@emf.net)
Date: Thu Dec 14 2000 - 15:15:34 EST

We are distributing an open source C library that contains a
programming interface for accessing information taken from
"unidata.txt" and other Unicode databases. It provides space and time
efficient access to various character properties.

Our library does not contain all of the information found in some
implementations (for example, it does not support transcoding, it
contains only the default case mappings, and it does not offer
optimized interfaces for normalization). We expect to add some of
those missing features in future releaes. On the other hand, we think
our database is useful, in its current form, for many purposes.

Our software can be retrieved from:

>> The Hackerlab Unicode Database



There is also a data sheet describing the database, licensing,
dependencies on other software, limitations of this release,
executable size, testing, and execution speed. It's address is:

>> The Hackerlab Unicode Database
>> data sheet



Please note: In addition to providing open source software, our web
site also contains commercial content.

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