UIghur (was Re: Thank's your for helpme!)

From: Peter_Constable@sil.org
Date: Wed Dec 20 2000 - 10:36:45 EST

On 12/20/2000 02:24:37 AM "N.R.Liwal" wrote:

>In order to support Uighur on VB in Arabic Script you need
>Arabic Enabled Microsft Widnows 98 and an OpenType Font
>that support Uighur, but with certin limitations.
>If you are interseted to Support Uighur on Arabic Windows 98
>please contact off the list.

You do need an OT font with support for the characters and glyphs needed
for Uighur. As I understand it, thought, you do *not* need an Arabic
version of Win98. Any version of Win98 (except a far east version) will do
provided that it has the Uniscribe engine. This can be obtained by updating
Internet Explorer to add support for Arabic.

Note that this is what is needed to *display* Arabic-script Uighur
characters. Input is another matter. On Win9x, you will be limited with
most apps to the characters in codepage 1256, even if you write your own
keyboard. A possible workaround is to have an input method and apps that
support the WM_UNICHAR system message. The beta of Keyman 5
(www.tavultesoft.com) supports this, but I don't know of any shipping apps
that do.

- Peter

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