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Date: Mon Dec 25 2000 - 13:21:09 EST

À 21:16 2000-12-21 -0800, James Kass a écrit:
>Alain LaBonté wrote:
>[Alain] Do you have any clues on how to do this
>[Alain] with the following mailer he uses on his
>[Alain] site (perhaps through a LAN):
>[Alain] Novell GroupWise Internet Agent ?
>[Alain] Do you have any experience in this? If yes, I am interested.
>Sorry, no direct experience with this one, but since there
>are pages about this product on the net in various languages
>and scripts, it should be possible.
>... an on-line guide to this program.
>See Chapter 6, "Enhance Functionality".
>Look at the PREAMBLE.ALL vs. PREAMBLE.TXT as well as
>the section on MIMETYPE.CFG, for starters.
>Perhaps another list member can give a straightforward
>answer to this one, but I hope this helps.

[Alain] As you indicated in a private mail, this is for systems

    No solution in sight, since even Eudora Pro insists in knowing nothing
else but 8859-1 (even if what it sends is MS-1252). Even in own my
linguistic circle, Outlook Express, when it sees MS-1252 MIME-tagged as
8859-1, insists in not properly seeing the extra characters while the
natural thing to do would be to recognize them by default as MS-1252 (in
fact it is worse, it transforme "OE" into "O" -- which is a
pseudo-intelligent behaviour showing that it assumes MS-1252 indeed but
that transform is then illogical -- if it "knows" it is "OE" why not
display it with its actual character set ? I got no reasonable answer to
that question).

    So far, so bad. Transition eternal, maybe, as I said.

    Nevertheless, happy holiday to all !

Alain LaBonté

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