Re: [langue-fr] L'anglais est-il une langue universelle ?

From: John Cowan (
Date: Sat Dec 30 2000 - 11:09:07 EST

On Sat, 30 Dec 2000, Elliotte Rusty Harold wrote:

> I'd like to see that claim backed up a little. You're coming from
> Canada, and Quebec in particular, which is possibly the most
> universally bilingual place in the Americas.

Actually not. Officially bilingual countries like Canada and Belgium
are so because their citizens are in fact mostly monolingual. Actual
bilingualism is usually higher in countries with only one official

> Trilingualism and more is I'm afraid just too
> much to ask of most people who aren't full-time language
> professionals or naturally gifted with languages.

In Europe and North America, yes. In India and Africa, it's downright

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