Re: [langue-fr] L'anglais est-il une langue universelle ?

From: Doug Ewell (
Date: Sat Dec 30 2000 - 14:52:25 EST

Alain LaBonté  <> wrote:

>> It's certainly not my experience of Quebec where so far I've met
>> exactly one person whose English was worse than my French, and he was
>> a recent immigrant from Africa.)
> [Alain] Then I can only say that you have never been East of the
> St-Laurent boulevard in Montréal or have traveled in a bubble outside
> of Montréal if you did so. You have an extremely superficial knowledge
> of Québec, I'm sorry to say.

You never know. Elliotte might have been simply trying to say that his
French is really, really bad. :-)


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