Re: GBK, HZ and EUC-TW

From: Lars Marius Garshol (
Date: Mon Jan 08 2001 - 10:11:23 EST

* Lars Marius Garshol
| Given that the one is a subset of the other, it sounds as though my
| application really should use the GBK converter both for GBK pages
| and for GB2312 pages.

* Thomas Chan
| I'd compare the tables first, e.g., current versions of CP936 have a
| Euro that snuck in there that isn't part of GBK. You might want to
| separate them anyway for other reasons.

What reasons would that be? The user can always select GBK instead of
auto-detect if pages are wrongly labeled, but if mixing up GBK with
EUC-CN is very common, we might want to just treat those two as the
same. The question is whether this is likely to cause problems somehow.

I don't have all that much experience with this, hence my hesitation
over what is really the best course.
| You can get HZ encoded pages from .
| You might have hunt around for ones that include rows of English
| text for testing purposes.

Thank you! This is perfect for my purposes.

--Lars M.

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